Nubia Tours New Norm Operational Plan

Safety of our travellers as well as our team members has always been a top priority for us and we continue to commit to safest operational measures in light of The New Norm resulted from COVID-19 Global Pandemic and in compliance with both MOHP & WHO latest instructions & recommendations.

Below our different aspects of our Precautionary & Contingency Plan and a list of the hospitals to test for coronavirus in Egypt and their approximate distances from our stays:

I. General
  • All Nubia Tours Staff Members & Tour Guides are committed to personal safety measures including; wearing face masks & gloves at all times, keeping recommended safe distance, regular use of sanitizers.

  • All Nubia Tours Staff & Tour Guides are equipped with necessary emergency medical contacts for on call doctors, list of nearest hospitals & labs, Official COVID-19 App launched by MOHP (Egyptian Ministry of Health & Population) for latest reports, instructions, updates on medical services and locations.

  • Contracted On –Call Emergency Doctors to be accessible 24/7 in case of need.

  • Launched Whatsapp Concierge Service to be available for travellers prior and during the trip to answer any questions, offer help, recommendations.

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Kasr El Ainy Hospital
From Four Seasons Nile Plaza Less Than 1Km – 5 minutes depends on traffic
From Four Seasons First residence 5Km – 10 to 30 minutes depends on traffic
From Marriott Mena House Hotel 12Km – 30 - 45 minutes depends on the traffic
Le Meridien Cairo Airport 25Km 35 to one hour depends on the traffic

II. Pre-Trip

Precautionary & Contingency Plan to be included in all trip proposals.
A Health Status form will be sent out to all partner agents to use in communicating medical history, medications, allergies, emergency contact for each traveller.

Trip final e-documents to be sent 1 month prior to trip start including the following :

Final Trip Itinerary with timings and contact details including emergency, concierge & on-call medical contacts.

Domestic Flights’ Tickets.

Precautionary & Contingency Plan.

A demo video to explain to travellers what to expect at the destination (In progress ).

Optional Zoom Call with our Nubia Local Experts for a trip briefing, answering questions and setting expectations.


Luxor General Hospital
From all stays it will take maximum of 20 minutes

III. Arrival

Our Nubia Representative will meet & assist travellers at the terminal upon arrival, help with all airport procedures, luggage claim.

A Personal Safety Kit will be handed to each traveler upon arrival including the following items:

Face Masks & Face Shield, Hand Gloves, Sanitizer

All pieces of luggage will be properly sanitized before loaded.

Pre check in will be done at all Hotels / Boats.


Aswan General Hospital
10 minutes from Old Cataract
30 minutes from Movenpick Aswan hotel.


All Vehicles used will be at loaded at maximum %40 only of its original capacity.

All Vehicles used will be equipped with isolating, transparent shield between Driver and passengers.

All Vehicles used will be loaded with the following safety items: o Face Masks, Hand Gloves, wipes, Sanitizer, disposable toilet covers and disposable shoe covers.

Same vehicle & driver will be assigned for the guests at each city.

All drivers are trained to maintain the standard safety & hygiene measures on both personal & vehicle levels.

All Vehicles used will be regularly cleaned & sanitized at each stop.

Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm International Hospital
20 minutes from Four Seasons Sharm Hotel
Sinai Clinic
30 minutes from Four Seasons Sharm Hotel

V. Tours & Sightseeing

Headsets for all travellers will be used at all sites to guarantee enjoying the Tour Guides explanations at safe distance.

Maximum two Tour Guides will be assigned to each booking all the way through the trip to avoid multiple contacts with various local guides.

Entrance Tickets to all sites will be pre purchased to avoid queuing.

Will Shuffle sightseeing whenever possible to avoid crowds and visit when least busy.

We shall skip any highly crowded areas in our programs like local markets.

No Balloon Rides unless private charter.

Minimize Felucca Rides (small sail boats) as much as possible.

Encourage Private Access & Exclusive Visits where sites are closed for public.

Avoid Closed Restaurants and choose open area dining options for meals.


El Salam Hospital
35 minutes from Oberoi Sahl Hasheesh Hotel
40 minutes from El Gouna
20 minutes from most Tourist Promenade Hotels in Hurghada.
El Nile Hospital
10 minutes from most Tourist Promenade Hotels in Hurghada.
25 minutes from Oberoi Sahl Hasheesh Hotel
30 minutes from El Gouna

Action Plan in case of suspecting an infection

In case of suspecting a COVID-19 Infection, these are the standard procedures to be followed:

Contact The On-Call Emergency Doctor Immediately for initial examination.

Transfer to the nearest Hospital/Lab for COVID-19 Test. (Below is a list of Identified State Hospitals by MOHP with the approximate distance from the main accommodations used in our programs. List is subject to changes/updates).

Proceed with the test and based on the results, the following steps will be determined.

In case of a positive result, the MOHP has set the standard procedures to isolate the case and proceed with the medical plan. The standard procedures will be instructed by The Medical Team in Charge including any necessary tests/isolation plans for the people in direct contact with the positive case to avoid contamination.


Mamoura General Hospital
20 minutes from Four Seasons San Stefano Hotel.

During Nile Cruise

When the ship is docked in Luxor in Luxor same as above
When the ship is docked in Denderah it takes 25 minutes Quena General Hospital
When the ship is docked in Esna one hour to reach Luxor General Hospital
When the ship is sailing in-between Esna and Kom Ombo, we stop in Edfu and visit Edfu General Hospital it takes 10 minutes from the docking area
When the ship is docked in Kom Ombo it takes 35 minutes to reach Aswan general hospital.

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